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autotuner slave

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Designed by and for chiptuners, Autotuner is characterised by its single fee package, its ease of use and high efficiency.

Autotuner is a universal tool able to read information from most ECUs and microcontrollers available on the market in boot tricore Infineon (BSL) or via the OBD diagnostic socket.

Autotuner is being constantly improved with new reading protocols. You can freely benefit from it as soon as you start your Autotuner Software.

Ultra-fast process

Thanks to the ECU communication optimization and its Cortex m4 processor, memory content (Dflash Eflash and EEprom) reading is ultra-fast. It then systematically performs a backup of the TriCore password online.

All-in one package ready to use

Autotuner is delivered with all the required accessories in a dedicated package.

Easy-to-use software

All compatible cars are displayed as a list so that you can quickly and easily select the ECU you want to read.

Specific help section is available in the software

Autotuner helps you locate the ECU or OBD diagnostic socket on the vehicle.

It then guides you step by step through the process of reading and illustrates each step with high-definition photos.

All information is continuously updated and free of charge.

No Subscription!

A tool is continuously updated, for free !

5 years warranty!

Autotuner tool is under 5 years warranty. Should you encounter any major problem, we will organize replacement immediately.

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